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Frogspell thumbnail
Frogspell eAudiobook
C.J. Busby / Thomas Eyre

Would-be wizard Max his sister (who wants to be a knight) two humorous pet animal characters - Feroc..

Viking Boy thumbnail
Viking Boy eAudiobook
Tony Bradman / Daniel Philpott

Gunnar is the son of a Viking chieftain living peacefully with his mother father and their people - ..

It's Alive thumbnail
It's Alive eAudiobook
Claire O'Brien / Ashleigh Cheadle

One day I Cordelia Codd will be a world-famous fashion designer. But for now I'm stuck with: Living ..

Penny Dreadful Is A Record Breaker & Incredibly Contagious & And The Horrible Hoo-Hah thumbnail
Penny Dreadful Is A Record Breaker & Incredibly Contagious & And The Horrible Hoo-Hah eAudiobook
Joanna Nadin / Jane McDowell

Nine hilarious short stories including: Penny Dreadful versus the Vampire in which Penny decides to ..

Stitch Head: The Ghost Of Grotteskew thumbnail
Stitch Head: The Ghost Of Grotteskew eAudiobook
Guy Bass / Steven Alexander

Join Stitch Head a mad professor's forgotten creation as he steps out of the shadows into the advent..

Gabriel's Clock thumbnail
Gabriel's Clock eAudiobook
Hilton Pashley / Joe Coen

Jonathan is in terrible danger. After his home is attacked by faceless monsters in bowler hats he wa..

The Reindeer Girl thumbnail
The Reindeer Girl eAudiobook
Holly Webb / Clare Corbett

One Christmas Lotta is visiting her great-grandmother in Norway. Soon she finds herself drawn into a..

Mo Lottie and the Junkers thumbnail
Mo Lottie and the Junkers eAudiobook
Jennifer Killick / Annabel Brook Harry Lister Smith

Mo's ordered life is turned upside down when he and his mum move in with his new stepdad and stepsis..

In the City of Fortune and Flames thumbnail
In the City of Fortune and Flames eAudiobook
Clive Mantle / Clive Mantle

The mysterious world map on Freddie Malone's bedroom wall ripples into life and the swirling vortex ..

Children of the Quicksands thumbnail
Children of the Quicksands eAudiobook
Efua Traoré / Gesella Ohaka

Simi is sent to stay with her grandmother in a remote village deep in the forests of Nigeria. Witch-..

Tarzan: The Jungle Warrior thumbnail
Tarzan: The Jungle Warrior eAudiobook
Andy Briggs / Garrick Hagon

When a baby gorilla is snatched from its family by the world's most infamous hunter Tarzan will stop..

Tich Dragonslayer thumbnail
Tich Dragonslayer eAudiobook
Pete Barrett / Anthony Keetch

Tich thinks dragon slaying is tough but dragon baby-sitting is even tougher! Tich is small and fed u..

The Dragonsitter Disasters thumbnail
The Dragonsitter Disasters eAudiobook
Josh Lacey / David Thorpe

Three books in one means triple the fun! Eddie is looking after his uncle Morton's dragon Ziggy whil..

Girl With A White Dog thumbnail
Girl With A White Dog eAudiobook
Anne Booth / Ashleigh Cheadle

Jessie is excited when her gran gets a white Alsatian puppy but with Snowy's arrival a mystery start..

Little Lost Hedgehog thumbnail
Little Lost Hedgehog eAudiobook
Jill Hucklesby / Victoria Fox

Grace is out in the garden feeding her rabbits when she hears a rustle in the flower bed. What could..